The 10th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics
Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall, Tokyo, JAPAN
  May 21 (Tue)
  May 22 (Wed)
  May 23 (Thu)
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Technology Presentation Schedule
5月21日(火) 13:30-14:30
Sponsored by Life Technologies Japan Ltd.
High Throughput Genome Scale Benchtop Semiconductor Sequencing Roadmap – Ion Torrent

Andrew Felton
Ion Torrent Business Unit, Life Technologies, South San Francisco, CA
Sponsored by TOMY DIGITAL BIOLOGY Co., Ltd.
PacBio’s Single Molecule Real-Time DNA Sequencing for sequencing through repeat regions, hard stops and De Novo Assembly of microbial to plant genomes
Edwin Hauw
Senior Product Manager, Pacific Biosciences, Inc.

5月22日(水) 13:30-16:00
Sponsored by Illumina K.K.
Understand Your Genome
Kensuke Suzuki
Sequencing Specialist, Regional Marketing, Illumina K. K., Japan
Sponsored by Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.
Agilent Genomics solution accelerating NGS workflow
Reiko Horii
Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.
Sponsored by Fluidigm K.K.
New Approach from Fluidigm for Single Cell Genomics
Brittnee Jones1, Andrew P. May1, ○Naoya Hosono1, Marc A. Unger1, Robert C. Jones1
Fludigm Corporation
Sponsored by Precision System Science Co., Ltd.
Development of fully-automated and integrated sample preparation system for NGS: genePrepPlanner-VI concept
Tetsuya Ueda
Precision System Science Co., Ltd.

5月23日(木) 13:30-15:00
Sponsored by QIAGEN K.K.
Genome analyses of single cells
Christian Korfhage
QIAGEN GmbH, Hilden, Germany
Sponsored by Roche Diagnostics K.K.
“The RP11 Project” Status: Assembling Human Sequence into Genomes
Jim Knight, Pieter DeJong, Deanna Church, Valerie Schneider, Aakrosh Ratan, Hielim Kim, Webb Miller,
Daniel Sisco, ○ William J. LaRochelle and Stephan C. Schuster,
Roche Sequencing Solutions/454 Life Sciences, CHORI, NCBI, Penn State and N
Sponsored by SEQUENOM K.K.
Using The MassARRAY® System for the Confirmation of 2nd-Generation Sequencing Discoveries
Tarif Awad PhD
Sequenom Inc.

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