The 11th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics
Hitotsubashi Hall, Tokyo, JAPAN
May 20 (Wed)
9:30-9:50 Registration
9:50-10:00 Opening Remarks

Yoshiyuki Sakaki
10:00-12:00 Session 1: Variation ( Chair: Tatsuhiko Tsunoda)

"Insights into functional genetic variation from joint analysis of over 60,000 exomes"
Daniel MacArthur (Broad Institute)

"Cis regulatory drivers in colorectal cancer"
Halit Ongen (The University of Geneva)

"Thousands Japanese Whole Genome Reference Panel and Bioinformatics in ToMMo"
Masao Nagasaki (ToMMo, Tohoku University)
12:00-13:30 Lunch / Meet the Expert
Poster Session & Exhibition
13:30-15:30 Technology Presentation ( Chair: Naoto Kondo)

Development of Highly-Multiplexed Assays for the Detection of Oncogenic Variants in Cancer
Specimens Jason Myers (Co-founder and CEO of ArcherDX Inc.Boulder CO USA)

Mapping the "Dark Matter" of the Genome with Super Long Molecules  
Kenji Uemuaki (AS ONE Corporation)

Acoustic Dispensing Technology ? EchoR liquid handlers reduce costs, provide better data quality, and enable higher throughput across multiple applications.
Austin Swafford, PhD (Field Applications Scientist , Labcyte Inc)

New workflows of Fluidigm C1 system and New instruments to promote Single Cell Genomics  
Naoya Hosono (Fluidigm Corporation)
15:00-16:00 Coffee Break & Exhibition
16:00-17:00 Keynote Session (Chair: Hiroyuki Aburatani)

"Singe Cell Genomics"
Stephen Quake (Stanford University)

17:00-18:20 Session 2: Cancer Genomics ( Chair: Seishi Ogawa)

"Heterogeneous mechanisms of acquired chemoresistance in high grade serous ovarian cancer"
David Bowtell (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)

"Distinct genomic profile and driver mutation of diffuse-type gastric carcinoma"
Shunpei Ishikawa (Tokyo Medical & Dental University)
May 21 (Thu)
9:00-9:30 Registration

Session 3: Single Cell (Chair: Takashi Ito)

"Unlocking the Genome: Once Cell at a Time"
Neerai Salathia (Illumina, Inc.)

"Olfactory sensory neuron sub-types defined by single cell RNA-Seq"
Luís Saraiva (EMBL-EBI)

"Single-cell genomics deciphers multi-layered symbiotic system in the termite gut"
Yuichi Hongo (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

11:30-13:00 Lunch / Meet the Expert
Poster Session & Exhibition
13:00-16:00 DTC Special Session (Chair: Kiichiro Tsutani)

"Regulation of DTC Genetic Tests: An FDA Case Study"
Elizabeth Mansfield (Food and Drug Administration (FDA))

"How to make the most of DTC genetic testing: case on 23andMe."
Kathy Hibbs (23andMe, Inc)

"Realising Genomics in Clinical Practice: the UK experience."
Alison Hall (PHG Foundatin)

"Moving From Sick Care to True Health Care"
Tomoko Namba (DeNA Co., Ltd.)
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break & Exhibition
16:30-18:30 Session 4: Medical Genomics (Chair: Naomichi Matsumoto)

"Resolving the complexity and full-spectrum of human genetic variation by single-molecule sequencing"
Evan Eichler (University of Washington)

"De novo mutations in genetic disease"
Joris Veltman (Radboud University Med Centre)

"Exome Association study and SNP-GWAS of Parkinson’s disease"
Wataru Satake (Kobe University)

18:30- Banquet (Josui-kaikan)
May 22 (Fri)
9:00-9:30 Registration

Session 5: Big Data (Chair: Asako Koike)

"Algorithms for Population Genomics and Cancer Genomics"
Serafim Batzoglou (Stanford University)

"Dissecting the diagnostic yield in exome sequencing"
Deanna Church (personalis, Inc.)

"Unmasking all forms of cancer: toward integrated maps of all tumor subtypes"
Josh Stuart (UCSC)

"Algorithmic Challenges to Bio Big Data"
Tetsuo Shibuya (The University of Tokyo)

12:10-13:40 Lunch / Meet the Expert
Poster Session & Exhibition
13:40-15:10 Technology Presentation (Chair: Sumio Sugano)

"Unlocking The Power of The Genome: “Pop Seq to Target Seq"
Hiroya Kumai (Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Illumina K.K.)

Pioneering the path to precision oncology through next-generation sequencing  Seth Sadis (Director of Oncology R&D Genetic, Medical and Applied Sciences Life Sciences Solutions,Thermo Fisher Scientific)

15:10-15:40 Coffee Break & Exhibition
15:40-17:40 Session 6: Epigenomics (Chair: Shinichi Morishita)

"Epigenome Sequencing"
Jonas Korlach (Pacific Biosciences, Inc.)

"Epigenomics of common, rare, and somatic variants underlying disease and cancer"
Manolis Kellis (Broad Institute)

“Multi-omics analysis of cancer cells”
Yutaka Suzuki (The University of Tokyo)

17:40-18:00 Poster Award

Hiroyuki Aburatani (The University of Tokyo)
18:00-18:30 Closing Remarks

Sumio Sugano (The University of Tokyo)
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