9:50-10:00Opening Remarks
Hiroyuki Aburatani

10:00-12:00Session 1: Genomic Medicine (Chair: Yoichiro Kamatani)

(10:00-10:40) "Long-read sequencing of disease-associated repeat expansions"
Shinichi Morishita (The University of Tokyo)

(10:40-11:20) "The 100,000 genomes project and beyond: mainstreaming genome medicine in the UK National Health Service as a model for use of patient data for both clinical care and research"
Tim Hubbard (King's College London)

(11:20-12:00) "Sequencing and Analysis of 100,000s of Human Genomes"
Goncalo Abecasis (Regeneron)

12:00-13:00Special Session: Data Sharing (Moderator: Tohru Masui)
Tim Hubbard Shinichi Morishita

Goncalo Abecasis Yoichiro Kamatani

13:00-14:30Lunch & Poster Session (2F: Exhibition Hall)
Meet the Expert (1F: Meeting Room 101-103)
14:30-15:30Technology Presentation (Facilitator: Yutaka Suzuki)


Oxford Nanopore Technologies

15:30-16:00Coffee Break & Poster Session (2F: Exhibition Hall)

16:00-18:00Session 2: Genome Regulation (Chair: Yutaka Suzuki)

(16:00-16:40) "Hierarchical genomics to interpret genome variation and dissect disease architecture"
Emmanouil (Manolis) Dermitzakis (University of Geneva) 

(16:40-17:20) "From genomics to therapeutics: dissection and manipulation of human disease circuitry at single-cell resolution"
Manolis Kellis (MIT)

(17:20-18:00) "Evolving brains with new genes; Human-specific gene NOTCH2NL expands neuronal number in the cerebral cortex"
Ikuo Suzuki (The University of Tokyo)

 9:30-10:30Plenary: Cancer Genomics (Chair: Hiroyuki Aburatani)

"An Immunogenomic View of Personalized Cancer Medicine"
Thomas Hudson (AbbVie Inc.)

10:30-11:50Session 3: Chromatin(Chair: Shinichi Morishita)

(10:30-11:10) "A 3D Code in the Human Genome"
Erez Lieberman Aiden (Baylor College of Medicine)

(11:10-11:50) "Dynamic reorganization of three-dimensional chromosome architecture revealed by single-cell Hi-C"
Takashi Nagano (Osaka University)

11:50-12:30Short Talk (1)

Ryuichiro Nakato (The University of Tokyo)
Ayako Suzuki (The University of Tokyo)

12:30-14:00Lunch & Poster Session (2F: Exhibition Hall)
Meet the Expert (1F: Meeting Room 101-103)
14:00-15:30Technology Presentation (Facilitator: Naomichi Matsumoto)

TWIST Bioscience

Agilent Technology

Scrum Inc. / 10x Genomics
15:30-16:00Coffee Break & Poster Session (2F: Exhibition Hall)

16:00-18:00Session 4: Single Cell (Chair: Piero Carninci)

(16:00-16:40) "Spatial genomics: transcriptome profiling in situ"
Long Cai (California Institute of Technology)

(16:40-17:20)"Landscape of the breast cancer microenvironment at single-cell resolution"
Alex Swarbrick (Garvan Institute of Medical Research)

(17:20-18:00) "DNA barcode technologies to dissect heterogeneous biological systems"
Nozomu Yachie (The University of Tokyo)

9:30-10:00Memorial Talk (Chair: Sumio Sugano)

"Sydney Brenner in memory"
Yoshiyuki Sakaki

10:00-10:40Short Talk (2) (Chair: Takashi Ito)

Yasuyuki Ohkawa (Kyushu University)
Saumya Agrawal (RIKEN IMS)

10:40-12:00Session 5: New Technology (Chair: Takashi Ito)

(10:40-11:20) "Using nanopore sequencing to interrogate the genome, epigenome and transcriptome"
Winston Timp (Johns Hopkins University)

(11:20-12:00) "Oxford Nanopore sequencing, latest updates and future development plan"
Monolina Binny (Oxford Nanopore Technologies)

12:00-13:30Lunch & Poster Session (2F: Exhibition Hall)
Meet the Expert (1F: Meeting Room 101-103)
13:30-14:30Technology Presentation (Facilitator: Tatsuhiro Shibata)

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation

Illumina K. K.

14:30-15:00Coffee Break & Poster Session (2F: Exhibition Hall)

15:00-17:00Session 6: Genome Editing (Chair: Nozomu Yachie)

(15:00-15:40) "Genome editing approaches for oncology discovery and immune engineering"
Sidi Chen (Yale University)

(15:40-16:20) "Development of High-Throughput Functional Genomics Tools to Study Drug Interactions and Mechanisms of Cellular Uptake"
Michael C. Bassik (Stanford University)

(16:20-17:00) "Molecular mechanism of CRISPR and structure-based development of genome editing tool towards medical applications"
Osamu Nureki (The University of Tokyo)

17:00-17:20Poster Award
Naomichi Matsumoto (Yokohama City University)

17:20-17:30Closing Remarks
Takashi Ito (Kyushu University)

  Short Talk
  Meet the Expert
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TWIST Bioscience

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