Nov. 27 (Tue)
Time Event Title
9:10-9:20 Opening Remarks  
9:20-11:20 Session 1
(Chair :Masahira Hattori)
Application of New Sequencing Technology
  Sean Grimmond
Sequencing the Embryonic Stem Cell Transcriptome
Jane Rogers
The Challenges of Sequencing Genomes with New Sequencing Platforms
David Bentley
The Impact of Solexa Sequencing on Genome Biology
11:20-13:20 Coffee & Lunch Break, Poster Session & Exhibition
11:30-12:30 Luncheon Seminar
Applied Biosystems
Japan Ltd.
13:20-15:20 Session 2
(Chair :Hiroshi Tanaka)
  Atul Butte
Exploring Genomic Medicine Using Translational Bioinformatics
Ron Edgar
Insights and Lessons from Developing the GEO Resource at NCBI
Masaru Tomita
Metabolome Science and Systems Biology
15:20-16:20 Coffee Break, Poster & Exhibition
15:25-15:55 Refreshment Break Seminar
16:20-18:20 Session 3
(Chair :Satoshi Tabata)
  Dusko Ehrlich
MetaHIT - a European Project on the Metagenomics of the Human Intestinal Tract
Jean Weissenbach
Analysis of Wastewater Processing Using a Metagenomic Approach
Masahira Hattori
Sequencing of Human Gut Microbiomes
18:30-21:00 Banquet<Hall B5(5F)>  

Nov. 28 (Wed)
Time Event Title
9:00-9:30 Morning Seminar
Helicos BioSciences Corp.
9:30-11:30 Session 4
(Chair :Hiroyuki Aburatani)
Personalized Medicine / Pharmacogenomics
  Edwin Clark
Use of Genomic Biomarkers in Oncology Drug Development: Reduction to Practice
Allen Roses
Pharmacogenetics Using Genome Wide Screening
Ronald van Klaveren
Implementing Gene Expression Profiling in Clinical Practice
11:30-13:30 Coffee & Lunch Break, Poster Session & Exhibition
11:40-12:40 Luncheon Seminar
illumina, inc.
13:30-15:30 Session 5
(Chair :Sumio Sugano)
  Sunghoon Kim
Exploration of Protein Interfaces for Novel Drug Discovery
Anton Simeonov
Quantitative High-Throughput Screening at the NIH Chemical Genomics Center
Motonari Uesugi
Chemical Genetics of Gene Expression
15:30-16:30 Coffee Break, Poster & Exhibition
15:35-16:05 Refreshment Break Seminar
Fluidigm Corporation
16:30-18:30 Session 6
(Chair :Hiroyuki Mano)
The Role of Non-coding RNA
  Philipp Kapranov
Genome-wide Transcription and the Implications on Genome Organization
William Hahn
Functional Genomics, Experimental Models and Cancer
Takashi Ito
Unexpected Complexity of the Budding Yeast Transcriptome: Yeast as a Potential Model Organism for ncRNA Research
18:30- Closing Remarks :
Yoshiyuki Sakaki (RIKEN)