Session II: Chips and Microfabrication Technology
Hall D
  Dr. Sydney Brenner (The Molecular Sciences Institute, Inc.)
Applications to Genetics And Genomic Research
  Dr. Sam Eletr (Lynx Therapeutics Inc.)
Massively Parallel Solid Phase Cloning
  Dr. Mark Schena (Stanford University Medical Center)
Microarray Technology: Parallel Platforms for Functional Genomics
  Prof. Richard A. Mathies (University of California)
Microfabricated Nucleic Acid Analysis Systems
  Dr. Robert S. Matson (Beckman Instruments, Inc.)
Automation of DNA Array Screening Processes
  Dr. Uwe R. Muller (Vysis Inc.)
Genosensor based comparative genomic hybridaization
  Dr. Aran Paulus (Soane BioSciences)
Nucleic acid analysis on microfluidic chips
  Dr. Michael R. Knapp (Caliper Technologies Corp.)
Microfluidic devices for genomics and ultra-high throughput experimentation in drug discovery
  Dr. Michael J. Heller (Nanogen Inc.)
Integrated microelectronic hybridization system for genomic research and diagnostic applications
  Yaesu Fujiya Hotel (SAKURA)
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