Session III: Expression profiling and Related Technology
Hall D
  Dr. Charles R. Cantor (Boston University)
Analysis of nucleic acid arrays by mass spectrometry
  Dr. Sumio Sugano (The University of Tokyo)
Construction and analysis of a full length-enriched cDNA library constructed by the Oligo-Capping method.
  Dr. Akira Shimamoto (AGENE Research Institute)
Cap site cDNAs and full size cDNAs: new technologies that ease genome research
  Dr. Hideki Kambara (Hitachi Co., Ltd.)
Capillary array gel electrophoresis and its application
  Dr. Lance Fors (Third Wave Technologies, Inc.)
Linear amplification technology for quantitative detection and its application gene expression profiling and the direct detection of mutations from genomic DNA
  Dr. Benjamin G. Cocks (Incyte Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)
Genomic Databases and Grid-Based Transcript Imaging
  Dr. Charls Auffray (CNRS)
IMAGE: Integrated Moleclar Analysis of Genomes and their Expression
  Dr. Greg Lennon (Gene Logic, Inc.)
READing Expression Profiles from Gels and Microarrays
  Dr. Han-Oh Park (Bioneer Corp.)
High throughout mRNA differential display method using one step reaction of RT/PCR and silver staining
  Yaesu Fujiya Hotel (SAKURA)
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