Somatic Genome Alterations in Human Lung Cancers  
  Matthew Meyerson  
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School; and Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT  

Genetics and Genomics of Colorectal Cancer  
  Raju Kucherlapati  
  Paul C. Cabot Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Professor of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Genetic Dissection of Hypermutation in Colorectal Cancer  
David Wheeler  
Human Genome Sequencing Center,
Baylor College of Medicine,
Houston TX

A Comparison of 454 and Illumina for RNA-sequencing  
Robert Gentleman  
Genentech, Inc.  

Whole exome sequencing reveals novel pathway mutations of splicing machinery in myelodysplasia  
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油谷 浩幸  


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