Genomic science has rapidly advanced our knowledge on human diseases with the improvement of next generation sequencing technology. In Japan we expect the genomic medicine to start next year under the nationwide health insurance, as 11 cancer genomic medicine core hospitals were selected this year to prepare the foundation for cancer genomic medicine. Cancer genome information provides evidence for oncologists to select the appropriate treatment for patients, as well as leads to the development of companion diagnostic test as essential information in identifying target patient groups towards the development of molecular targeted drugs. It should be a big impact for the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry in Japan. Development of genomic technology has been further accelerated, e.g. long-read DNA sequencing technology, such as nanopore sequencing, has been used for human genome sequencing and metagenome studies. Genomic information has been collected from each single cell in human body under the international collaborative network. Development of a new data management and analysis system will be required for vast amount of data processing and advanced analysis, including artificial intelligence, and leads to new discoveries in life sciences. Along with the rapid advancement in genomic medine and biology, the 13th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics (13AGW) aims to outline the latest developments in genome technologies, with the theme of "Genome to Health". It will be held for three days from June 25th to 27th, 2019 at the Hitotsubashi Hall.

Prof. Hiroyuki Aburatani
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The 13th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics (13AGW)

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