Program of the 2nd International Workshop on Advanced Genomics
<April 27 (Tue.) 1999>
  Key Note Lecture  
  Dr. C. Thomas Caskey(Merck Research Laboratories)
Genome Science Contributions to Drug Development
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Session I: Genomics and Disease
Dr. Anthony R. Kerlavage (Celera Genomics)
Perspectives on Analysis of Bacterial, Archaeal, and Eukaryotic Genomes
  Dr. Yuji Kohara (National Institute of Genetics)
A 4-Dimentional Database of Gene Expression and Function in C. elegans - Towards "C. elegans as a Test Tube in silico"
  Dr. Yuji Sugita (Genox Research, Inc.)
Systematic Analysis and Evaluation of Genes Expressed in Clinical Samples to Specific Disease-Responsible Genes
  Prof. Takehiko Sasazuki (Kyushu University)
HLA Polymorphism and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
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