Session II: Technology for Drug Discovery (Part1)
Dr. Michael W. Hunkapiller (PE Biosystems)
Development of Fully Automated Systems for DNA Analysis
(page 18)
  Dr. Radoje Drmanac (Hyseq. Inc.)
Advanced Genomics by Hybridization
  Prof. Mark Schena (Stanford University)
Genomic Analysis with Miniature Microarray Systems
  Dr. Stanley D. Rose (Genetic Micro Systems Inc.)
Novel Tools for Creating and Reading DNA Microarrays
  Dr. Michael J. Heller (Nanogen Inc.)
Development of Active Microelectronic DNA Arrays and Systems for Research and Diagnostic Applications
  Dr. Takao Isogai (Helix Research Institute)
Analysis System of Genes Encoding Secreted and Membrane Proteins in silico from Full Length Enriched cDNA Libraries
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