Session IV: Technology for Drug Discovery (Part2)
Dr. Sydney Brenner (The Molecular Science Institute, Inc.)
Evolutionary Approaches to Functional Analysis of Genomes
(Page 29)
  Dr. Sam Eletr (Lynx Therapeutics Inc.)
Parallel Technologies for DNA Analyses
  Prof. Barry L. Karger (Northeastern University)
Long Read Length DNA Sequencing by Capillary Electrophoresis with Replaceable Polymer Matrices
Dr. Harry L. Osterman (LI-COR Biotechnology)
Efficient Approaches to Genomic Sequencing
Dr. Takashi Irie (Central Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd.)
A High Throughput DNA Analysis and DNA Band Sorting with a Capillary Array Gel Electrophoresis
  Dr. Thomas C. Tisone (Cartesian Technologies, Inc.)
Practical Aspects of Microarray Printing Using Pins and Inkjet Dispensing
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