Poster Application Guide

Applications for the poster will be acceptable until 24:00 March 31, 2017.

1. ApplicantFYour registration must be completed. On your registration, you will receive a reply from the Secretariat by e-mail. The acceptance number on the e-mail will be required for the poster application. The poster application will be acceptable only by e-mail. E-mail title should be gAdvanceGene Posterh. Please attach 2 files (as mentioned below) and send it to the Secretariat by e-mail.

How to make application form

EDownload and fill in your application form (Excel file)
EFile nameFgYour namehPoster application.xls
EPlease send it as attached file to the Secretariat

How to make abstract

EThe file should be Microsoft Office Word 2003 or later
EFile nameFgYour namehAbstract.doc
EPlease send it as attached file to the Secretariat

One sheet A4
MarginFTop 25mm, Bottom 20mm, Left 20mm, Right 20mm
Please attach g›hin front of the presenter name
ETitleFArial 18pt, bold
EAuthor, Co-AuthorFArial 14pt bold
EAffiliationFArial 12pt
ESummaryFTime New Roman 12pt

Your file will be printed directly on the Abstract. Any change cannot be made after the deadline. You will receive a confirmation mail after your application. If you do not receive your confirmation mail, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat


Your abstract will be acceptable only by e-mail. So please do not send it by Fax.

Secretariat of 12th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics
(Mecenat Travel Network Co., Ltd.)
10-8, Nihombashi-Kodemmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0001, Japan