The 10th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics
Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall, Tokyo, JAPAN
Meet the Expert
Program 5月21日(火)
9:30-17:00 受付
9:50-10:00 開会挨拶
榊 佳之 (豊橋科学技術大学)
10:00-12:00 [セッション 1] Genomic Variation (座長: 増井 徹)
Anne Cambon-Thomsen (INSERM)
"The ethical and societal challenges of studying human genomic variation in different contexts."
Joseph Boland (NCI)
"Exome, Transcriptome and Whole Genome Sequencing on Life's Proton Sequencer: Cost Effective, Rapid Turnaround and High Impact Discoveries at the Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory"
角田 達彦 (理研)
"Whole Genome Approach Is Revolutionizing Medicine"
12:00-13:30 [昼食] ポスター発表・企業展示会

Technology Presentation (進行役: 服部 正平)

"High Throughput Genome Scale Benchtop Semiconductor Sequencing Roadmap – Ion Torrent™"
Andrew Felton

"PacBio’s Single Molecule Real-Time DNA Sequencing for sequencing through repeat regions, hard stops and De Novo Assembly of microbial to plant genomes"
Edwin Hauw

14:30-15:00 ポスター発表・企業展示会
Coffee Break
15:00-16:00 キーノートセッション (座長: 油谷 浩幸)
Todd Golub (Broad Institute)
"Genomic Approaches to Cancer"
16:00-18:00 [セッション 2] Medical Genomics (座長: 井ノ上 逸朗)
Derek Chiang (Novartis)
"Leveraging cancer genome encyclopedia for clinical testing"
Estee Torok (Univ. of Cambridge)
"Translating bacterial whole genome sequencing into diagnostic and public health microbiology"
松本 直通 (横浜市立大学)
"Medelian Exome Analysis"
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9:00-17:30 受付
09:30-11:30 [セッション 3] Metagenome & Human microbiome (座長: 黒川 顕)
Barbara Methé (J. Craig Venter Institute)
"Metagenomic Approaches for the Study of Microbial Communities"
Jose Clemente (The Mount Sinai School of Medicine)
"High-throughput characterization of the microbiome: moving forward towards clinical applications"
本田 賢也(理研 RCAI)
"Regulation of T Cells by the gut microbiota"
11:30-12:00 [選抜ポスター口頭発表] (座長:油谷 浩幸)
P-21 Highly sensitive target methylome sequencing by post-bisulfite adaptor tagging
Fumihito Miura
P-38 Tumor cellularity conscious genotyper and analysis pipeline for cancer exome sequencing
Hiroki Ueda
12:00-13:30 [昼食] ポスター発表・企業展示会
13:30-15:30 企業テクノロジープレゼンテーション (進行役: 鈴木 穣)
"Understand Your Genome"
Kensuke Suzuki

"Agilent Genomics solution accelerating NGS workflow"
Reiko Horii

"New Approach from Fluidigm for Single Cell Genomics"
Naoya Hosono

上田 哲也
15:00-15:30 ポスターセッション・企業展示会
Coffee Break
16:00-18:00 [セッション 4] Cancer Genome (座長: 柴田 龍弘)
Paul Spellman (OHSU)
"Application of Genomic Technologies to the Understanding of Cancer"
Peter Lichter (DKFZ)
"Oncogenomics of Pediatric Brain Tumors: Integrated approaches allow refinement of molecular subclassification and the detection of novel pathomechanisms"
小川 誠司 (京都大学医学研究科)
"Genetic analysis of meylodysplastic syndromes"
18:30- 懇親会 (如水会館:松風の間)
Program 5月23日(木)  ↑Top(5/21) ↑5/22
9:00-9:30 受付
9:30-10:15 (Chair: Takashi Ito)
Charles Cantor (Sequenom, Inc.)
"Noninvasive Personalized Genomics."
10:15-12:15 [セッション 5] Epigenome & non-coding RNA (座長:菅野 純夫)
Martin Hirst (Univ. of British Columbia)
"Reference Human Epigenomes"
Ting Wang (Washington Univ.)
"Comparative and Integrative Epigenomics"
伊藤 隆司 (東京大学)
"Highly efficient whole-genome and targeted bisulfite sequencing by post-bisulfite adaptor tagging"
12:15-13:30 [昼食] ポスター発表・企業展示会
13:30-15:00 企業テクノロジープレゼンテーション (進行役: 藤山 秋佐夫)
"Genome analyses of single cells"
Christian Korfhage

"The RP11 Project” Status: Assembling Human Sequence into Genomes"
William J. LaRochelle

"Using The MassARRAY® System for the Confirmation of 2nd-Generation Sequencing Discoveries"
Tarif Awad
15:00-15:30 ポスターセッション・企業展示会
Coffee Break
15:30-16:50 [セッション 6] Synthetic Biology (座長: 森下 真一)
Yo Suzuki (J. Craig Venter Institute)
"The Green Monster method for genome engineering"
板屋 光泰(慶應義塾大学 先端生命科学研究所)
"Top-down and bottom-up Genome synthesis approaches to engineer biosynthesis pathways"
16:50-17:10 Poster Award (座長: 油谷 浩幸)
17:10-17:30 閉会挨拶
菅野 純夫(東京大学)

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